These references all refer to a single 3 hour in-house consultation.

I have a 5 year old 50kg male German Shepherd. I loved walking him, until we came across either other people, dogs,  or cats. Sometimes he would lunge at people, sometimes he wouldn’t, but if they stopped to say hello the aggression would begin.  With other dogs, no matter what the size we he was crazy, barking, whining, pulling, and  being a big dog it was very intimidating for other people.  I began crossing the road when I saw other dogs approaching, but it didn’t help, and I knew that I needed to do something before his behaviour got worse.

There are so many so called “Dog Trainers” on the internet, but I managed to stumble across Grant’s website. I read the references and thought that although they sounded great, that he probably wouldn’t be able to help me because my problem just seemed so much worse, it  wasn’t just leash pulling or barking as people passed the house, my  dog wanted to eat everyone!

Grant arrived early for our consultation and left late. He educated the whole family in regard to animal behaviour and different tactics to use. On our very next walk along came another dog, I did what Grant had shown me, and the difference was amazing. We passed the other dog, still on the same footpath with no barking or growling, just a very attentive dog that stayed at my side.  Its like walking a completely different dog!

I have been in touch with Grant since our consultation and he has always taken the time to answer any of my questions.  If you are having problems with your dog, call Grant, once you have seen him, and your dog is an angel your only regret will be that you didn’t contact  him sooner.

Rebecca Genet – Victoria Point 

Our 10yo Staffy cross Molly is very strong willed and largely ignored my wife and me when we took her on her regular walk.  She pulled to where she wanted to go, usually ahead of us, and constantly stopped to sniff, etc.  We used a harness as we didn’t want her to hurt herself by pulling on a collar or chain around her neck. 

I really wanted to improve on that scenario for her sake and for ours.  We tried a Gentle Leader, but Molly just frantically tried to remove it, drawing blood in the process and refusing to walk, so we had to give up on that idea.  Then we came across Grant ‘The Paw Man’ and his check chain technique.  My wife was quite concerned about the idea of using the check chain in case it hurt Molly, but Grant came highly recommended and his check chain approach sounded like it might be just what we needed.

I followed Grant’s instruction on using the check chain, including how, where and why to position the check chain around Molly’s neck, and how to apply the check chain to modify her behaviour.  She transformed into a completely different dog within only a few minutes of starting her first check chain walk.  When Molly took off ahead of me as usual at the start of the walk, I applied the check chain as Grant instructed and immediately released.  Molly really took notice and immediately became quite focused on me and what I was doing. 

As our walk proceeded, after another one or two applications of the check chain when Molly went ahead again, she then walked pretty much by my side with a slack leash and chain for the rest of the walk.  When I changed pace to see what would happen, she adjusted her pace accordingly.  She looked up at me to see what I was up to every time I did something different or said her name.  She would never have done that before.  It was like a miracle!

On our second ‘Paw Man’ check chain walk the next day, Molly took off ahead of me out our front door and I applied the check chain immediately as per Grant’s instruction.  She got the message very quickly, after which I only had to say her name, or sometimes lightly tug on the check chain, to get her to take notice of me and walk beside me with a slack leash and chain for the rest of the walk.  She was very attentive to what I was saying and responded appropriately when I gave the commands “heel”, “close”, “stop” and “wait”, which she would previously have mostly ignored.

On our third walk, she didn’t even bolt out the front door at all, but waited for me.
Walking Molly is all of a sudden a real joy and much safer than it was before and the check chain hasn’t harmed Molly at all.  While Molly doesn’t get as much sniffing in as she used to on her walks, we all get better exercise and she still really enjoys her outings, including the anticipation of getting her check chain put on ready for her walk.  She even carries her leash with check chain attached to the front door for us if we don’t get ready to walk early enough for her liking.

The owner of a 10 year old Staffy who had just become impossible to walkJohn Harvey

Ben and I wanted to thank you for your work yesterday with our Border Collie Max. Already we have seen a vast improvement in his behaviour and I now feel like I can enjoy my dog again, and a massive weight has been lifted not worrying about the council ordering his removal anymore. The stress has gone! This, as you can expect at 7 months pregnant was not a good place to be in for me. And now when our twins arrive we will have a happy well behaved dog that can interact positively within the family “pack” again.

After you left yesterday he has been so well behaved and a joy to live with. I cannot believe the change in just 1 day.  I feel so silly now that my desperate email to you for help said Max was a “difficult case”, after watching you fix most of his problems in a matter of minutes, I now know with the correct knowledge that you shared with us, he was really just a lovely dog who his silly Mum and Dad could not understand.

I just can’t tell you what a relief it is that you have solved our problems in one session, which months and months of work and other trainers have failed to fix. You are heaven sent and we cannot thank you enough! I only wish I called you first instead of “that” other company, who were completely useless with our personal situation.

Please feel free to use this reference on your website or pamphlet, if I can save someone the grief of neighbours complaints and council threats, wasting time and money on other “trainers”, and saving all the months of stress I have been through, it is worth it.

Thanks again!!
Terri,  Ben (and Max) Spence.

We are having some great results with him and I sometimes wonder if it is the same dog when someone walks with dog or without past our fence and he looks then ignores them…… My husband got home yesterday to work men at the light pole near our deck and they had their eskies etc set up at our fence and Josh asked them if the dog had barked at all and they said no he’s a beautiful animal but he hasn’t barked at us and won’t even come over to the fence. Thanks Grant your an angel. 

Brookke & Josh H. Owners of an aggressively hyper alerting Doge De Bordeaux

After living together happily for a year, our two male Golden Retrievers, Trapper (5 years) and BJ (18 months), started to have problems. What began as mild sibling rivalry quickly escalated into full blown dog fights, one of which resulted in us having to take Trapper to the vet for treatment. We fenced their area in half, but they continued to growl at each other and their resentment for each other was escalating.

We had watched all the dog training shows, read dog behavioural books and we had taken Trapper and BJ to several obedience classes each!!!! Nothing was working and we were getting desperate, then we found Grant’s add in the phone book.

Grant wasn’t 7 foot tall, he didn’t look like a werewolf and he didn’t have any magic props. He spoke to us for 3 hours and in this time we started to understand how things were with our dogs and why they were this way. We started to feel hopeful that the problem could be fixed but still doubted we would ever be able to leave them alone together.

Grant asked us to put Trapper and BJ together and then he came outside with them. We saw immediate changes between them and Grant explained why, and pointed out things that we hadn’t noticed. Without Grant even going near Trapper we could see Trapper respected him. BJ took just three moves from Grant to have and show the same respect. We no longer had any doubts and followed Grant’s instructions to the letter.

I am ecstatic to say that Trapper and BJ have been together happily, not even a growl, for 3 months now. In that time we have even had a holiday while Trapper and BJ were at home alone with only daily visits from someone to walk and feed them.

We can not thank Grant enough, his handling of Trapper and BJ was truly special!!!

Vlasta Gall,

Before the consult…

In you introduction page you mentioned leash pulling was a ‘simple’ behaviour problem.  I disagree!!!  I have spent many hours trying to change this behaviour with both my dogs with little avail. I hardly walk my dogs on a lead anymore because I come home so frustrated, it’s not worth it. Therefore I am a bit hesitant and skeptical about paying more money and to another trainer and wasting time if it doesn’t work.  Since you guarantee your work, I am asking for your help.

After a single 3 hr consult…

This morning I was amazed at just how quickly I got Charlie to break her lead pulling habits.  Within 30 secs and only about three corrections she was looking at me for my next move instead of the other way around.  I just cannot believe how much time and energy (and money) has been wasted on other methods.  Achieving this has been a big goal. Since this came easily, I now feel much more motivated to improve on this and correct other behaviours.  Therefore the cogs  having been turning all day about what I can do next.

Thank you very much for helping us have dog behaviour we want, and not what I was sure I would just have to put up with!

You are more than welcome to post my comments on your website.  If it helps persuade one person to go to you and fix their (and their dogs) problems quickly and easily, instead of wasting time and money on doing what ‘another dog trainer’ says then I’m all for it!!!  

Chris & Vickie (Owners of a wilful German Shepherd and a Staffy Cross)

A week has passed since you came to our house about our dogs. Now I find myself trying to find new situations in order to correct our dogs behaviour. In fact we took our dogs for a walk the very next day and the difference was amazing. It turned walking our dogs from being a sometimes tiresome chore to a pleasurable experience, we are taking our dogs for longer walks each day.Overall we are very impressed with the way you trained us to better look after our dogs and we are sure that Gabby and Tyson are happier too. Thanks again.

Scott & Jill Howlett (Owners of a dog aggressive Rotty and Staffy)

“Phantom was a 36 kilogram, six month old Rhodesian Ridgeback who, despite regular and strong discipline, still regarded himself as the Boss of our household. He would jump all over us and our visitors and showed an annoying tendency to mouth. After a 10 minute chat with Grant and reading his information brochure, I went home and in 15 minutes had successfully eradicated this behaviour.”

“I then further applied Grant’s methods to teach Phantom to wait until commanded to eat his food, to allow people through a door or gate before himself and as the icing on the cake, Phantom now gives me a reference glance whilst on the lead.”

“I was highly impressed by the fact that Grant invested as much effort in educating me as he expected me to invest in Phantom and we are a happy team as a result (I like being the Boss!). Grant’s skill and professionalism are evident and I would strongly encourage anybody with the slightest concern about their pet to seek his advice.”

Damion, Owner of Phantom

“I contacted ‘The Paw Man’ in May 2001 when the situation with my German Shepherd ‘Astra’ had me at my wits end. “

“Not only did he give me sound advice on treating Astra, but he taught me that the more you really watch a dog closely, the more you learn about the dog and the way its mind works. In my case, he used one of his favourite quotes …. “Your dog is talking to you…… but you’re not listening to him”. I just had to work that bit harder to communicate what I saw and the benefits were that I’m starting to get an understanding of my dog that is well beyond the comprehension of people who just ‘look’ without seeing.”

“By the time I contacted Grant, I was really confused about what was going on inside Astra’s head. I thought I’d done all the right things, socialised her properly, trained her etc, so how could she have become so aggressive? She would lunge at other dogs and was becoming uncontrollable. The advice that I was getting from obedience club instructors was mixed, but mostly I was advised to keep her away from other dogs. This was a ridiculous solution as far as I was concerned, so I looked for alternatives.”

“I am really impressed with Grant’s approach. He takes the time to explain dog behaviour and believes that if he gives you a greater understanding why your dog is doing what it is doing, then the solution is simple. His approach is very much to train the owner as much as the dog and to achieve a greater partnership. Grant continually encouraged me to contact him with questions, comments and observations and said that he liked clients with a questioning, slightly sceptical approach rather than those who blindly accept his words as gospel.”

“My relationship with Astra is better than ever and the change in her is unbelievable. She’s turned from a good dog with problems into a great dog with Grant’s help.”

Catriona J. (Owner of a once uncontrollably dominant German Shepherd)

“I contacted Mr Grant Teeboon to train my 6 month old male Labrador Retriever. Mr Teeboon came highly recommended through a friend who knew of his reputation as a dog trainer.”

“I had been having some difficulty controlling my dog as a puppy, but as he got older and bigger the problem was becomming impossible. He was becomming more and more dominant with all members of my family and I was just about to start looking for a new home for him when I was lucky enough to hear about Mr Teeboon.”

“From the very first it was obvious that Mr Teeboon has a natural affinity with dogs. I was very impressed with the methods he used and the results that were achieved. He gained control, almost immediately, of what was a very difficult young dog. We managed to correct all the major problems in the first appointment and I am very happy to report that I now have a very happy, stable and obedient dog. Mr Teeboon’s knowledge and love of dogs is very evident. I have learned so much in a short period of time that I will be forever greatful. I found Mr Teeboon to be very professional and an extremely capable dog trainer whose conduct both personally and professionally demonstrate the highest levels of honesty and integrity.” 

G. Spinapolice, (Owner of a Labrador)

“I can only thank Grant because without him I was running out of ideas. I was extremely frustrated. The neighbours were complaining and the dogs were stressing out our whole family situation. My partner and I were arguing because of the dogs. I loved my dog and everyone else wanted me to get rid of him. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to get rid of my dog. I met Grant and after his consultation everything change(d). My dog became loyal, focused and lovable again in about 20 minutes.”

” I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been working with the dog as Grant showed me. The change is incredible. My dog the ‘space cadet’ doesn’t bark at birds or butterflies anymore, or the neighbors.”

” I had trouble leading my dog before with two hands and now I lead him confidently with one hand. I have Multiple Sclerosis, I don’t get dragged behind my dog any more, we walk together. Especially now when I am sick I can still walk my dog, whereas before I couldn’t. Grant took my dog from being an ‘obnoxious pain in the ass’ to becomming a faithful and loyal companion. We have even been doing tricks. All I can say is thankyou for everything Grant. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge. Sincerely greatfull.” 

C. Curtis (Owner of a highly over reactive pedigree Cattle Dog)

“After seven months of fruitless training and hundreds of dollars spent at local dog schools I was wondering if I would ever be able to enjoy a walk with my dog, rather than having to fight him all the way and excuse his behaviour as excitement.”

“Taking ‘Blade’ for a walk was dangerous due to his aggression, and his continual pulling on the lead was physically tiring. Leaving him in the back yard was just as frustrating as he spent his time barking at the slightest movement from my neighbors or destroying anything that was not made of metal. I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to control Blade, especially considering that he had graduated from the local dog school and I had followed the advice given by the breeder.”

“In search for assistance I was lucky enough to find ‘The Paw Man’. Grants service was outstanding for several reasons. Firstly, Grant took the time to explain how a dogs mind works and the dynamics of pack mentality. I, like most people, knew that dogs were pack animals, but I had no understanding of what that actually meant or how to use the dogs natural instincts to my advantage. Secondly, within an hour Grant had taught me how to handle Blade on lead using the most effective and efficient technique, a skill that I had not acquired at the local dog school. Thirdly, Grant explained and dispelled many myths for training a well behaved dog in the house. It is now possible to have dinner without having to put Blade outside and listen to him bark at the neighbours. Lastly, Grant has honoured his guarantee to provide additional advice when required, and he also provided an additional list of resources that I have found to be excellent for the continual progression of Blades training.”

“Blade is now 9 months old and weighs 33 kg. He is very well behaved in the house and even the neighbours like him now. While taking him for a walk off-lead in public I relish the frequent questions of amazement from other dog owners along the lines of, ‘How have you trained your dog so well? He’s amazing!’ and of course I take all the credit. My ambition of owning and bonding with a well-trained dog is now a reality.”

” I strongly recommend Grant’s services in correcting the behaviours of dog owners, and in turn, dogs. I stand by my recommendation by welcoming personal calls in relation to Grants service.” 

G.Green (Owner of a highly strung Doberman)

I wasn’t going to let my dog conquer me. I met Grant personally and my only request is that he remains my teacher and takes on an apprentice.. ‘me’. After meeting Grant I was totally engrossed with the information and his gift of knowledge. I realised how much more I wanted to know, and loving animals as much as I do I’m going to get into (dog) psychology. 

Carmel C.

“I engaged the services of Mr Grant Teeboon in October 1998 to assist in the training of my Golden Labrador, Remingtom (Remi) who was seven months old at the time.”

“Although Remi and I had sucessfully completed a six week beginner course with the local dog training school, I was still concerned with certain behaviours Remi was exhibiting within the home environment. These unwanted behaviours included jumping onto couches, jumping up onto visitors and children and displaying aggressive and dominant behaviour when she was being fed. The more I tried to correct these behaviours, the more aggressive she was toward me.”

“I was delighted with Mr Teeboons approach and the results that were achieved by the conclusion of the three hour consultation session. I was extremely impressed with Mr Teeboons knowledge and experience in the use of the ‘Koehler’ method. He communicated the theoretical aspects as well as the practical application of this approach very effectively. In particular, Mr Teeboon explained how the canine mind and the pack structure works and within this context how to use positive reinforcement and aversions successfully. By the end of the consultation session, Remi’s unwanted behaviours had been addressed.”

“I was also impressed with the extended support service Mr Teeboon offered. He provided me with a booklet that covered matters discussed in the consultation session. I found the booklet to be a useful refresher and reference tool. I also found the 12 months phone support service invaluable.”

“Over the past 12 months I have found Mr Teeboon to be extremely professional, well presented, understanding and committed to his work. His knowledge and experience in dog training and behaviour modification is outstanding. He has extremely effective communication and interpersonal skills and is always there to provide the necessary support. I would strongly reccomend Mr Teeboon’s services to any dog owner.” 

M. Perrett (Owner of a once uncontrollably aggressive Labrador)